Want the scoop on what may be Canada’s best-kept technology secret?

My vote would be for Toronto-based Idée Inc., which provides world-class image recognition services. (Here’s a video of what Idée does.)

Although Idee is starting to get more attention (check out this story in the latest issue of Canadian Business), the company has had a fairly low profile even though it has been around for seven years and attracted customers such Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Getty Images and Masterfile Corp.

There’s a good chance Idée could become a household name if a quick peek at a new search engine it is developed, called TinEye, is any indication. Although it won’t be ready until later this year, TinEye is truly impressive. If Idée can get it to work on a large-scale basis, it could be a monster service, and make Idée’s low profile a thing of the past in a hurry.


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