screenshot only one monitor

how can i screenshot only one monitor

Nowadays, in the modern world, computers are a vital device for many people. The use of a desktop setup is being preferred by many users all around the world.

Though the setup cannot be carried worldwide, working on a desktop setup is very useful for many users. Some of the users have a setup known as 'Dual monitor setup.' 

screenshot only one monitor

It is a setup where, instead of having one monitor, the user uses two monitors. It is more often used in the gaming community for ease of streaming.

It also gives a widescreen all total and can be used as a big screen with the two monitors connected. But this setup also has a disadvantage, which irritates the users. Having a 'multiple monitor' setup decreases the productivity and harms the performance of the overall desktop.

There are also some minor issues with this setup. While taking a screenshot using Windows key+ Print Screen (shortcut for screenshot taken on Windows 10), there is an unusual large screenshot. The user might feel irritated and get worked up for cropping the screenshot every time. For taking a screenshot of a single monitor in a multi-monitor setup, here are some quick steps that can be followed by the user. The steps are very easy to perform and less time-consuming.

There are three steps by which you can screenshot only one monitor in a dual monitor setup. 

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STEPS to screenshot only one monitor

Step 1: Using the Snipping tool present in Windows

The first step is very easy and is performed by most of the dual-screen users set up to take a single screenshot of a single monitor. This tool is primarily present in Windows 10.

The snipping tool helps to crop the pictures and help to select the connection in a multi-monitor setup. To use this tool, the simple steps stated below will be very useful for the user in need of taking a screenshot of a single monitor in a dual-screen setup.

  • Click on the Start menu present at the bottom of the screen in the menu bar.
  • Click on the search bar inside the dialogue box that pops up on clicking the Start icon.
  • Inside the search bar, write the “Snipping Tool" and present the Enter key.
  • After opening the Snipping Tool, the user should press Alt+ M+ S. This should take a screenshot of the primary screen.

The user should always remember to save the picture by pressing Crtl+S or clicking on the Save As icon present in the File menu. But there is a problem with this method. It captures only the primary screen. The screenshot of the secondary screen cannot be captured by a simple method.

To capture the screenshot of the secondary screen only, the display in the settings should be changed. It is a hectic process. The user can skip such a hectic process and follow the next step to capture both the primary and secondary screens separately.

Step 2: Using the print screen key available on the keyboard

screenshot only one monitor

The easy way to screenshot a monitor one at a time is to use the Print Screen button available on the keyboard. Combining the Windows key + Print Screen key does not allow the user to capture a screenshot. Here are some steps which will allow us to capture the screenshot.

  • The user should move the mouse's cursor to the monitor, which he/she wishes to capture a screenshot.
  • Now the user will have to perform a combination that will allow to screenshot the monitor on which the cursor is placed. The combination is Ctrl + Alt + Prt Sc. 
  • The next step is to open MS Paint. It can be opened from the Start menu on the bottom of the screen.
  • The next step is to save the screenshot on the computer. For this purpose, the user can use either the combination on the keyboard or direct process by clicking on Save/Save As in the File menu. The combination is Ctrl + C.

The next step is to save the screenshot on the computer. For this purpose, the user can use either the combination on the keyboard or direct process by clicking on Save/Save As in the File menu. The combination is Ctrl + C.

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Step 3: Using the Snip and Sketch application

Snip and Sketch application is a free application that is available in the Microsoft store. This application is used to capture photos on the screen and edit it in different shapes. To capture a screenshot of a single screen using this application, the following steps would help the user to go through the procedure.

  • The first step is to download the Snip and Sketch application from the Microsoft store. If it is already downloaded, skip this step.
  • Now the application is opened on the desktop from the Start menu.
  • The user will have to click on the New icon present on the top of the application to capture a new screenshot. The shortcut is to perform the combination Ctrl + N.
  • Now click on the rectangle tool present on the top of the application box.
  • The next step includes the portion that is to be captured in the screenshot. To do this, click and drag the mouse pointer and select the portion that the user wants to capture.
  • Then comes the step to save the screenshot that is captured. To perform this task, click on the floppy icon present on the top of the toolbar. The combination Ctrl + S can also be used to save the screenshot.

Alternative way to screenshot only one monitor

Alternatively, the user can also use Snagit through which the desired screenshot can be captured. The process to capture the screenshot in Snagit is similar to that of Snip and Sketch. 

  • The first step requires to select the capture button present on the top.
  • Now select the area that is to be captured by clicking and dragging the mouse pointer on the screen.
  • The next step is to save the screenshot. To be able to do that, use Ctrl + S on the keyboard or simply use Save As icon on the File menu. Now a bunch of other editings can also be done in this application. But in order to do those editing, some money needs to be spent by the user.

These are the steps that can be followed to screenshot a single screen in a dual-screen setup. The user can try all the steps and choose the step which is easiest for him/her.


Dual monitor setup has gained a good amount of popularity in the present digital age. Although it brings ease, this setup is harmful to the overall performance of your desktop. The sole purpose of this article is to illuminate the three basic steps you can take to have the screenshot only one monitor in a dual monitor setup.

This article has also brought certain minor issues associated with the setup to your notice. You can take proper advantage of the quick steps mentioned in this article to take screenshots in a less time-consuming way.


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