Most of the professionals search for the best monitor to make sure that helps them to ease their operations. And particularly when it comes to color grading, it means a lot of work! Editing and color grading videos requires a professional-grade monitor, more particularly if you wish to deliver the best content.

Best Monitor For Color Grading

Despite coloring across multiple color spaces, you need to pick the extensive connectivity options for various workflows, to provide plenty of screen real estate to manage the different editing panes of your NLE of choice.

To help you with this, here I have listed you the best monitor for color grading. If you are a professional colorist or a graphic designer, using multiple screen with triple monitor stand helps you to work fast and efficiently. If you wish to start an impressive career, these monitors with get you stunning results.

Also, we have given a detailed guide on how to choose the best monitor attached after the product listings. Do check it out for more clarification. 



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Best Monitor For Color Grading

BenQ SW271

  • Screen Size: 27 inches. 
  • Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p.
  • Display: LCD.
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9.
Best Monitor For Color Grading

LG 27UK650-W 

  • Screen Size: 27 inches.
  • Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p.
  • Display: LED.
  • AMD FreeSync technology.
Best Monitor For Color Grading

Asus ProArt 32"

  • Screen Size: 32 inches.
  • Resolution: 4K HDR 2160. 
  • Display: LED.
  • Asus ProArt calibration technology.

LG 27UD68-P

  • Screen Size: 27 inches. 
  • Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p.
  • Display: LCD. 
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1. 

Dell Ultrasharp 27

  • Screen Size: 27 inches. 
  • Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p.
  • Display: LCD.
  • Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours.



BENQ SW271 27 - Best Monitor For Color Grading

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 19 x 13 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 23.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: BenQ
  • Model name/No: SW271

If you are looking for some professional photo monitors, then the BenQ SW271 will be excellent and affordable by its side with the most significant 4K resolution display. This 27” photo monitor with more flexible input set up, and some other additional operating conveniences will assist you to improve your workflow efficiently.

The specifications of SW271 is quite similar to SW320, but there are some important differences worth pointing out. The SW271 has more PPI when compared with its twin SW320. The IPS display panel with LED backlight enhances the off-axis image performance with a 178/178 degree viewing angle.

BenQ SW271 is featured with a thin bezel and offers 100% sRGB, 99% AdobeRGB, Rec.709 along with an HDR mode. The monitor is compatible with a number of calibration devices, and you can do it with the help of BenQ Palette Master Element Software.

It has an Aqcolor technology which means it has 99% Adobe RGB coverage and hardware calibration support that helps in producing accurate colors for photography.

The support devices include X-Rite i1 Display Pro / i1 Pro 2 & Datacolor Spyder 4 and Spyder 5‎. From light room to Photoshop, Adobe Premiere is present to resolve large screen space, cleaner view, vivid colors, so that the BenQ SW271 will fit in. It has a Gamut Duo mode that allows you to view content in different color spaces side-by-side simultaneously. 

The HDR mode increases the overall dynamic range of images that will give you the most resulting viewing experience. This monitor also comes with a detachable shading hood to reduce the monitor screen glare effectively and can be used both landscape and portrait orientations.

This grading monitor is designed with a full range ergonomic adjusting options, which include various swivel, tilts, height, and pivot controls. 

With all these features, this BenQ SW271 27 can be rightly said as the best monitor for color grading. 


  • 27” 4K/UHD 3840 x 2160 display, 60 Hz resolution with 1000:1 Contrast ratio.
  • 10 bit IPS Panel with 14 bit 3D LUT that enables the independent hardware calibration. 
  • HDMI ports 2.0, DisplayPort, USB 3.0, and USB Type C plus a 3.5mm stereo audio headphone output.
  • Compatible Platforms: Windows 7 or above, Mac OS 10.6.8 or above.
  • Card Reader Support Format: SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC


  • Affordable price range.
  • Get high quality images.
  • Excellent wide gamut.
  • Includes shading hood.
  • PIP/PBP modes and Dual Gamut.


  • No customizations in HDR mode.
  • Expensive.


LG 27UK650-W - Best Monitor For Color Grading

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 24.10 x 9.10 x 22.30 inches
  • Weight: 13.70 pounds
  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Model name/No: 27UK650-W

If you are looking for the best monitor capable of handling games, HDR content, or other multimedia use, with a decent price, then I will suggest this LG 27UK650-W 27 Inch 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor.

The LG 27UK650 is a brand new mixed-use 4K monitor with brilliant HDR compatibility, where this monitor you get a fairly ergonomic stat with -5°/15° tilt, 90° pivot, up to 110mm height adjustment, and 100x100mm VESA mount compatibility. This is also an excellent option for HDR console gaming or for any high end PC requirement.

When it comes to performance and value, it’s tough to find an alternative for this monitor which is why it is listed in this best monitor for color grading. It has the perfect IPS display that suits professionals. 

The IPS panel has 10-bit color depth, 1000:1 static contrast ratio, 99% sRGB color gamut, and 350-nit peak brightness. This IPS panel offer 178 degrees wide viewing angle with 5ms quick time response which is quite sufficient to eliminate the fast-moving objects trails at 60 Hz. 

It also has advanced gaming features like black stabilizer that helps in revealing clear details in dark scenes. So other than color grading purpose this monitor is also ideal for gaming.  Recommended!


  • 27-inch IPS panel with 3840 x 2160 resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate. 
  • It is compatible with HDCP 2.2
  • Offers a low input lag of ~9ms. 
  • Supports AMD FreeSync with VRR for compatible graphics. 
  • Includes on-screen control, black stabilizer, and split screen.
  • It also has an HDR effect and pre-calibrated picture presets.
  • Has a display port 1.2, dual HDMI slot 2.0, and a single 3.5mm passthrough audio jack. 


  • Sleek design
  • Colors are vibrant and consistent.
  • Provides vivid and sharp details.
  • Quick response time and Low input lag.
  • Supports AMD FreeSync Tech.


  • Low contrast HRD ratio.
  • Limited number of USB ports.


ASUS PROART - Best Monitor For Color Grading

Product Information 

  • Dimensions: 29 x 24.3 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 25.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: ASUS
  • Model name/No: PA329C

ASUS ProArt PA329C is another best monitor for color grading that will definitely fit into any category. It has 4K Ultra HD resolution, which is good enough for professional graphics-oriented users. It offers a 32” massive display with full-powered 4K resolution.

This high-end screen comes with an IPS screen with a solid 10-bit color coverage. The IPS panel is built with high tolerance to anti-glare, which promotes clarity and brightness.

This monitor includes some developments like Eye Care technology for minimal ocular issues, and Flicker-free Rheinland Certified display capacity thereby maximizing the comfort for long term screen viewing professionals.

It has an impressive design where you can get a comfy viewing position. It comes with an ergonomically designed stand which can be easily tilt, pivot, swivel and has height adjustments. So you can use this monitor in accordance to your convenience.

This is suitable for those who are in need of a UHD monitor that offers 100% sRGB color. There is no need to calibrate as this is one of the most certain pro color grading monitors you can rely on. Overall, this is an ideal and best monitor for color grading that is available at standard price. 


  • 32” grade professional 4K/UHD display with four times the pixel density of standard Full HD(1920 x 1080)  Display. 
  • Factory’s leading pre-calibrated monitor with 100% sRGB and Rec color accuracy.
  • Supports 709 color space. 
  • Includes extensive ports - HDMI, MHK 3.0, Display port 1.2 for smooth 4K/UHD content playback.
  • Features with ASUS eye care technology.
  • Accessories included are power cord, USB 3.0 cable, HDMI cable, MHL cable, and Mini-Display Port-to-Port cable.
  • Mechanical design: Chassis colors: Black, Height adjustment 0~130mm. 
  • VESA Wall Mount: 100x100 mm and Super Narrow Bezel Design.


  • Super accurate color range without calibrations.
  • Bright, clear, and solid build images.
  • High quality and affordable.
  • Response time and latency is impressive


  • Poor black field uniformity.


Best Monitor For Color Grading

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 24.2 x 7.3 x 17.9 inches
  • Weight: 10.8 pounds
  • Manufacturer: LG
  • Model name/No: 27UD68-P

The LG 27UD68 monitor comes with two different SKU numbers. There are denoted as LG 27UD68-W and LG 27UD68-P. There is no functional difference between these two, but the only difference is P - represents the black model, while W- represents the white model.

The LG 27UD68-P is quite a good IPS monitor with 4K/UHD resolution with a wide viewing angle. The monitor offers a decent picture quality and graphics settings. It delivers excellent 99.5% sRGB color spectrum and manages to work with pseudo-10-bit 8bit + A-FRC.

This monitor has a color support of 1.07 billion colors (8bit + A-FRC) and comes with aspect ratio: 16:9, these strongly supports color grading.

It features a narrow bezel, which makes it the best for multiple monitor setup. LG 27UD68-P monitor is quite versatile and has a quite well-rounded set of features. You can find the power chords, HDMI cord, base stand, and a display board cable within the box along with the monitor.

The monitor has a pretty stylish look and is very practical. The stand’s ergonomic adjustment is quite good, and it is possible to mount it on a stand with a VESA 100 Fitting. It offers a new ArcLine stand where the curve base provides stability with assuring performance and elegance.


  • Comes with split-screen mode and is ideal for multitasking. 
  • Split-screen also allows dual PC rig with the help of HDMI and display port 1.2.
  • IPS monitor with full 178 degrees viewing angles.
  • Flicker safe and Blue-light Reduction settings included.
  • Display has an anti-reflective coating.
  • 4 PIP modes available among its 14 split screen options. 
  • Two HDMI 2.0 ports and one display port 1.2a with adaptive-Sync technology. 


  • AMD FreeSync technology.
  • Excellent IPS angles.
  • 4K UHD Resolution gives clear image 
  • No virtual bezel along the display edge.
  • FreeSync


  • Limited stand adjustability support.
  • No USB connectivity.


Dell - Best Monitor For Color Grading

Product Information

  • Dimensions: 24.07 x 7.89 x 21.27 inches
  • Weight: 13.79 pounds
  • Manufacturer: DELL
  • Model name/No: U2718Q

Dell’s U2718Q is a heavy-duty 4K monitor that spreads its 3840 x 2160 resolution. The hefty pixel count makes the perfect pair with the corporate features like card readers, USB ports, industry-standard color gamuts, and a lot of versatile features which makes it another best monitor for color grading.

Dell U2718Q will meet your most expected and imaginable expectations for sheer and the top-line PC display connectivity. Its performance is in excellent standards, as it provides ultra-sharp monitor resolution when compared with a majority of High-end PC displays on the market.

These IPS model has a broad 178-degree viewing angles. This is one such peculiar display with stunning display performance with wide color gamut, and some extra fine display calibration specs. This monitor has a complete coverage of Rec 709, sRGB, Adobe RGB. and 95% coverage of DCI-P professional digital color space which delivers stunning editing results of all types.

The monitor is calibrated using Dell UltraSharp, Color Calibration Solution software with the optional X-Rite i1Display Pro colorimeter. And talking about the monitor's adjustment options, it supports tilt, swivel, pivot, rotations, and height. 

Also, you get a Stand, mDP-DP Cable, USB 3.0 Upstream Cable, HDMI (MHL) cable, Quick Setup Guide, Safety and Regulatory Information, Factory Calibration Report, Divers and Documentation Media (CD) within the box. 

This is a great choice for those who look for a compact package that manages to get some refines display specifications with highly versatile display functions. 


  • 27” IPS 4K/UHD display with 3840 x 2160 resolution with 60Hz Standard Refresh Rate.
  • Ports: 2 x HDMI, 1 x mini DisplayPort 1.2, 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, 2 x USB 3.0 Upstream ports, USB Hub: 4x USB 3.0.
  • Offers adjustment options for Tilt, swivel, pivot, rotations, and height. 
  • Featured with 12-bit LUT hardware support.
  • Maintains your workspace neat and tidy with its display manager’s Easy arrange features. 
  • High level of details, with a color depth of 1.07 billion colors, even in dark areas.
  • LED Light bar system back light technology and Anti-Glare with 3H coat on display.


  • Standard and excellent image quality.
  • Color accuracy and great 4K resolution.
  • Thin bezels design with plenty of display space. 
  • Number of ports and connectors.
  • Color consistency
  • Easy arrange feature to organize tasks.


  • Use of Windows scaling options. 
  • More versatile stand. 


Product Information

  • Dimensions: 24.7 x 7.9 x 21.5 inches
  • Weight: 18.52 pounds
  • Manufacturer: DELL
  • Model name/No: UP2718Q

Design and create your work with the incredible Dell's Ultrasharp 27" Screen LED-Lit Monitor Black (UP2718Q). This 4 K HDR monitor meets HDR10 standards with natural colors, striking details, exceptional clarity, and offers superior color performance.

The premium color offers a wide range of colors that meets the professional color standards. This color grading monitor offers a crisp, clear image, and is compatible with up to 1.07 billion colors.

With its enhanced resolution, this ultra-sharp monitor provides a 6ms response time and 1000:1 Contrast ratio. It has brilliant spectrum board with 100% sRGB, 100% AdobeRGB, 97.7% DCI-P3, 100% Rec. 709, and 76.9% Rec for displaying immaculate colors. These features greatly support color grading process.

I really liked the Keyboard, video and mouse feature allows you to view applications simultaneously between two PC's on your screen using only one keyboard and mouse.

The ports and slots found in this monitor are AC power connector, HDMI 1 connector, HDMI 2 connector, DP connector (in), mDP connector (in), Audio line-out port6, USB upstream ports, USB downstream port, USB 3.0 downstream port with BC1.2 charging capability, and Stand lock.

It also has dual USB 3.0 upstream ports and KVM switch embedded. For those who look for an Ultra HD video process and creative works, should give a serious look to this best monitor for color grading. 


  • Provides peak brightness of 1000 cd/m².
  • For comfortable configuration one can tilt, pivot, swivel and adjust the height.
  • Allows to customize the color parameters using the custom color mode, the SDKi
  • Captures every nuance. 
  • Create best work by fine tuning with precision. 
  • Limited hardware warranty for a period of 3 years.
  • In-Plane switching tech. 
  • Cables included: Power cable, USB 3.0 cable, DP-mDP cable, HDMI cable.


  • HDR10 support.
  • UHD resolution gives good quality images. 
  • DCI-P3 and Adobe color support.
  • Hike of contrast in HDR mode.
  • 384- backlight zone and build quality. 


  • Lag with factory calibration modes.
  • Halo effects in HDR mode.


Product Information

  • Dimensions: 29.3 x 9 x 23.3 inches
  • Weight: 24.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Acer
  • Model name/No: PE320QK bmiipruzx

Acer is known best for its gaming monitors, especially for the predator series. But now I am here with the best “ProDesigner” monitors. This monitor is created for the professional user and content creators, and it comes with a wide range of features and specifications accordingly.

This model has no super-fast response time, high refresh rate or motion blur backlight. But instead they offer features like UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution, a sleek 4-side borderless design, wide color gamut support, factory calibration and plenty of calibration settings and controls which also includes AMD Freesync support with ultra low input lag technology to minimize delays.

The ProDesigner PE320QK monitor supports HDR10 without any lag. The color gamut support covers almost all the DCI-P3 standard. The monitor includes the factory calibration for Rec 709, DCI, and sRGB. Once you get this monitor, it will definitely become a part of the chassis and best 


  • 32-inch screen with a low-profile bezel.
  • 3840 x 2160 UHD resolution with 0.1816 mm, 140 PPI Pixel Pitch.
  • 1 x display port 1.2, 2 x HDMI ports 2.0, 4X USB Type -C port 3.0. 
  • HDR 10 support, 10-bit color and AMD FreeSync support.
  • W-LED backlight technology.
  • 100mm VESA Compatible. 
  • Light AG Panel coating.
  • Response Time: 4ms.


  • Inbuilt hood and anti-glare layer.
  • Supports AMD FreeSync.
  • Accurate and wide color gamut.
  • High response time
  • The 4k 2k resolution gives accurate details
  • HDR Xpert gives realitic images


  • Audio quality could be better.
  • Irregular backlight. 


Product Information

  • Dimensions: 29.7 x 15 x 17.5 inches
  • Weight: 29.32 pounds
  • Manufacturer: EIZO
  • Model name/No:  CG319X

Next comes Eizo monitor is a successor of the CG3178-4K model which is a high-end monitor. It has a display size of 31.1" that offers a DCI-4K HDR display with 4096 x 2160 resolution, 98% DCI-P3 coverage, and an inbuilt calibration sensor that are ideal for color grading process.  

The company states that Eizo ColorEdge CG319X's monitor brings you the image that appears to be more realistic. They target the pro-tier post-production by providing a variety of features. 

The image displays can vary in LCD panels which is why this ColorEdge monitor is accurately measured and calibrated in accordance with it. So this monitor has the ability to produce exact color reproduction. It has an integrated sensor for self-calibration, which helps in attaining the maximum color accuracy.

The monitor's inbuilt sensors directly utilize the lookup table and produce an ICC profile quickly. The sensor is placed in the bezel, which can be extended while performing measurements so no external calibration device is needed here.

The color accuracy is the first and foremost criterion to be considered for any multimedia graphics fields like photo rating, color grading, post-production, designing, and printing.

And this monitor that has certification from TUV Rheinland's color accuracy. Also, it is recognized by Fogra. Overall, it is one of the ideal monitors for color grading.


  • Focus accuracy with the use of 4K zoom function. 
  • Shading hood that prevents the glare on the monitor screen effectively. 
  • Inbuilt with Calibration sensors and USB 3.0 hub.
  • Featured with 2 HDMI ports, 2 DisplayPort, DCI-4K/60Hz using HDMI or DisplayPort 1.2.
  • Supports broadcast preset modes: EBU, Rec. 2020, Rec. 709, SMPTE-C. DCI, PQ, HLG.
  • 3D LUT for Accurate Color Display and 10-bit simultaneous display. 
  • Ergonomic stand that meets IEC/EN 62368-1.
  • 178 degrees Wide viewing angles with IPS Panel.
  • Provides noiseless, fanless process and maintains low heat output without affecting the performance.


  • Impressive HLG tracking.
  • Stupendously good IPS and HDR supports panel. 
  • One monitor with multiple ports.
  • Perfect anti-glare coating
  • Factory calibrated
  • Stabe color in 3 minutes.
  • 5- years warranty. 


  • Chunky bezel. 

Most probably, by now, you would be thinking which would be the best monitor for color grading? But before selecting the monitor, there are certain features and specifications you need to consider. So I suggest you to go through the guide which I have given below.

Factors to consider when choosing monitor 

There are a lot of features and specifications to be considered, but I have covered the essential three major things, so make sure that you check these while buying monitors for color grading. Now let's move on to the buying guide.

Black Levels: Usually, colorists need black details while working on Graphics, and they don't need any muddy greys on their screens.

So when the muddy greys appear on the screen, it can be quite annoying for them. Keeping this in mind, color monitors are designed with settings that can handle the muddy greys. So while you buy a monitor for color grading, check whether it has the required settings to adjust the black levels.

Calibrations: Professionals who are working on graphics designing will not be using just one tool or application. They will need multiple applications and tools to calibrate their monitor. So to handle it, your monitor must have dedicated tools and software for calibration.

So to ease the work of the professionals, a color grading monitor must have customization options. While buying one, you should check for the customization calibration options. Also, check for the in-built tools and software, or else you need to use an external probe.

Gamut and Gamma: Gamut and Gamma are the two crucial elements that can deal with different colors and Luma capabilities and also ensure that the monitor gives a clear display. Currently, the most popular one is the Adobe RGB. Also, you can also find monitors with DCI-P3 and Rec 709 or 2020 ratings.

Display Screen Size: This is an important factor to be considered. If your color grading monitor display size is too small or too big, then it can cause trouble for you. So to prevent this, you must opt for the one that has a reliable screen size that is best for color grading. So the recommended monitor size for color grading monitors is 19 inches and 32 inches.                                                                                                                                                     

Also, a more vibrant display is essential as it gives the required efficiency to work. So choose a monitor that has       a glassy screen. If it has an HD quality, then it enhances your comfort zone for editing pictures. So while           considering the display screen, also check whether the monitor has a glassy and classy display screen.

Resolution: The color accuracy of a monitor is important. Only if your monitor has good color accuracy, then the professionals can do justice to their work. So screen resolution of the monitor is important so that color grading and editing works becomes more easy. 

If you wish to slip into the most advanced resolution that the modern world is getting used to, then considering displays with 3k or 4k resolution is the best choice. Choosing 4k resolution over the others is highly recommended.

Panel types: For the color grading process, the most accurate type of monitor that is suggested is IPS LCD panels. This is because the IPS(in-plane switching) panels give you a better viewing angle for the professionals who work on the color grading process and also support their pro color spaces.

Apart from the IPS panel type, there are monitors that come with OLED panel type. This type provides good brightness levels along with high contrast ratio.

HDR: HDR is high dynamic range which helps in increasing the color intensity of the graphics. If you expect a high contrast for your images, this HDR feature must not be overlooked.

I hope you got some idea on what to look for while buying a color grading monitor. The monitors that are listed above has picked up keeping this buying guide in mind.


Picking up a good monitor for creative professional projects or gaming is quite essential. To maintain and improve your steady work progress, as a professional you need to ensure buy proper tools for the best results.

We have provided you with the best monitors for color grading, that will suit you professional and other entertainment purposes.

Choose the best one! and make sure you equip your desk with one the takes your performance to the next level. Also, feel free to share this article with your friends and make sure you comment your favorite monitor from the above given list. Thanks for reading through!


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