Nowadays, smartwatches function very much like smartphones. Most smartwatches are readily accessible with cellular connectivity. They can send and receive text, make, and receive phone calls, and they also possess phone tracking capabilities by using Bluetooth.

First of all, it is very important to know about the type of smartwatch and the type of cellular connectivity technology used in it. As you know, there are different smartwatches, some are simple smartwatches with notification function, some are meant for smart fitness trackers, some are classic smartwatches with phone functions and much more. 

They offer lots of different versions for connectivity, for example, Bluetooth, NFC, SIM card, and much more. Either you get eSIM 's option in smartwatches or put a regular SIM card in your smartwatch. If you also want to use a SIM card for cellular connectivity in your smartwatch, you need to know how to insert it and activate the SIM card on your smartwatch.

For using a Nano SIM card in your smartwatch, you need to buy one from the store. After that, choose the data and calls plan as you wish. After selecting your new SIM card plan, you need to request activation after submitting your documents to your provider.

activate SIM card on your smartwatch

Before you start with the insertion and activation procedure, there are a few things you need to make a note of. The first thing you need to do is keep your smartphone as well as your smartwatch charged.

In case the battery of either of the devices dies out, the process will be interrupted and you might have to start over again. Secondly, you need to check the size of the SIM card compatible with your smartwatch. SIM cards come in three different sizes namely large, micro and, nano.

These are precut and sent to you by your service provider. Usually, these watches prefer a “nano” sized SIM card, however, there are many watches that use a “micro” sized card. You may find the compatible SIM size written on the box or in the user manual.

The third thing, which is the most important you need to do is to ensure that your smartwatch is turned “Off” before you insert the SIM card. You must turn it on after it is correctly inserted.

How to Insert SIM Card For Smartwatch

Before you insert the SIM card into the smartwatch, you need to know where the SIM card slot is located on your device. Generally, it may either be on the side panel of the watch or on the backside of the watch.

Case 1: If it is on the side panel of the watch

This configuration is easier for the user to insert/remove the SIM card because it does not mandate the removal of the back panel or any kind of fasteners such as screws.

  • Open the rubber/ plastic/ metal lid on the side panel of the watch by pushing/ pulling it.
  • You might see a SIM card tray or a SIM card slot. In case there is a tray, you’ll need to push/ pull it to take it out. Then place the SIM card on the tray carefully. You need to ensure that the golden chip of the SIM card is facing up and then, put it back. If you see a slot, you may refer to the manual to know whether the SIM should be facing up or down. Once you figure that out, you may close the lid and switch on the device.
  • Usually, the smartwatch will display network connectivity if the SIM card is properly placed. In case it doesn’t show the connection, you may contact your service provider.

Case 2: If the SIM card slot is on the back panel

Opening the back panel might be tricky at first, but it gets easier gradually. Depending on the type of watch you have, you might need a thin plastic object and a screwdriver to open the back panel. This takes up a relative amount of force, so you must be careful while you open it.

  • Remove all the screws present on the back panel, if any.
  • Use the flat, plastic object to remove the back panel.
  • Insert the SIM card in the slot provided. Make sure that the golden chip is facing downwards.
  • Close the back panel, insert the screws, and switch on your watch.

guide to Activate SIM Card For Smartwatch

Here is a step-by-step guide to activate your SIM card in your smartwatch once you have inserted it in the watch correctly.

activate SIM card on your smartwatch
  • Download the application linked with your smartwatch on your mobile, and install the application which is meant to link your smartwatch to your smartphone. To do the same, you must first check the compatibility of the application of the particular application with the operating system of your device (for example Android, iOS, etcetera).

    Once you check the compatibility, you may go to your play store or app store and search for the particular application. On finding the application, you may tap on the download button and accept the terms and conditions stated. 
  • The first step to activate your smartwatch's SIM card, you must contact the mobile carrier provider. As you know, the nation provides plenty of mobile carriers. In your smartwatch, you can call any mobile network service provider and ask for a new eSIM link.
  • After contacting your service provider and receiving the link, copy and paste the given URL on the smartphone paired with your smartwatch. Once the browser opens, you may enter the details of your SIM card. When you are done filling the details, you may accept the terms and conditions and continue. 
  • After continuing, the browser will redirect you to a page where you need to put the 6-digit OTP sent on your device.
  • Once you have entered the OTP, you are set to go. Some smartwatches may mandate you to restart your device to finish the complete configuration. 


This is all about how to activate SIM card for smartwatch. If you have a network communication smartwatch, you can use many apps with it. With 4G LTE connectivity, you can make calls explicitly from your smartwatch without connecting your smartphone. You can also use several internet-connected implementations in your smartwatch.

Even if you want your smartwatch to stream music and content online, you'll get the features because of internet connectivity. Therefore, you need a smartwatch SIM card for 24/7 internet and network accessibility.

Hope you find this article "How To Activate SIM Card For Smartwatch" interesting and useful. Cheers.!


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