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WordPress Takes It On the Chin

Over the weekend, Robert Scoble had a public (and well warranted) temper tantrum after his WordPress blog was hacked. Not surprisingly, the experience left him upset and digitally vulnerable. But what really disappointed Scoble was WordPress’ casual and, arguably, cavalier, … Continue reading

Blogger: The Rodney Dangerfield of Blogging

A post by Louis Gray about the Blogger recently celebrating its 10th anniversary caught my attention for several reasons. One, it’s hard to believe anything on the mainstream anything on the mainstream Web is a decade old until you remember … Continue reading

A Future With Dead URL Links?

In announcing the launch of, a new URL shortening service for hosted sites, Matt Mullenweg stated the much-need obvious about the increasingly competitive market. “While URL shorteners have had some incredible usage tied to the growth (and constraints) … Continue reading