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Snakes & Lattes: The Anti-Web Cafe

Cafes have become places where data is consumed as much, if not more, than coffee. With free Wi-Fi being offered by major chains such as Starbucks and Second Cup, the majority of people in cafes are armed with laptops and … Continue reading

Wow, An Internet-Friendly Airport!

When you fly these days, it’s the little things that make things a less aggravating – the check-in person who’s happy and efficient, decent coffee, a flight that leaves on time, and an in-flight entertainment system with movies that don’t … Continue reading

Life on the Other Side of the Digital Coin

So, my hunt for Wi-Fi in Bayfield, Ont. was finally successful as the public library offers free access. What’s interesting is the library seems to be the place in town where most people go to get online. With a large … Continue reading

The Death of Free Wi-Fi

It used to be that jumping on a free Wi-Fi network to check e-mail or do some casual Web browsing was easy. Most people didn’t lock down their networks because they were happy to share and/or they didn’t know how … Continue reading