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Six Questions Your Website Must Answer

Everyone recognizes the importance of a Website so why is it that so many companies drop the ball when it comes to their design and content? In looking at hundreds of Websites recently for some startup marketing projects, it’s troubling … Continue reading

Five Ingredients to Create Kick-Ass Websites

In working with a client recently to re-launch their Web site, I have been reminded about the challenges in making sure the right things happen to make the final product as good and effective as possible. There are many variables … Continue reading

Is Your Website a Marketing Machine?

In the last post, I talked about the importance of having a kickass Website, and the key ingredients to make it happen. Today, I want to focus on why the Websites of startups and small businesses need to perform like¬†well-oiled … Continue reading

Your Website Sucks So Fix It…Now

It never ceases to amaze me how so many companies have bad Websites. I’m talking about Websites that are dog-ugly, a hassle to navigate and lack strong calls to action. And topping the list are Websites that don’t make it … Continue reading

The Importance of Stupidly Simple Web Sites

When it comes to Web site design, there is one important rule to remember: Keep it simple, stupid. While simple may seem unsophisticated, uninteresting or frill-free, it is also an approach that drives a Web site’s accessibility, usability and effectiveness. … Continue reading

How Much Does a Web Site Cost?

How much does a Web site cost? You’d be surprised to hear how many times someone asks that question with the expectation they’ll get a pretty specific answer. It is based on the belief there’s a “retail price” for a … Continue reading