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Keek Raises $18M; Q&A with CEO Isaac Raichyk

Keek may be one of Canada’s biggest and, at the same time, lowest profile startup success stories. Keek is a free and easy-to-use service that lets people create and share 36-second video updates. The Toronto-based company’s monthly traffic is truly … Continue reading

Why Startups Need a Demo Video

A key challenge for startups is developing compelling ways to tell the world who they are and what they do. It’s a straightforward proposition but it’s an easier said than done said process. Most startups do a good job to … Continue reading

Is “Just” Blogging Going to be Enough?

As someone who spent nearly 15 years as an ink-stained newspaper reporter, my passion is writing, which explains why I produce lots of content for this blog, the Sysomos blog and my Globe & Mail “Start” column. I pound out … Continue reading

Could You Cut the Cable or Satellite Cord?

Although it’s more of a murmur than a rumble, there appears to be growing attention on cord-cutting. I’m not talking about wood as those of us north of border prepare for another long, cold winter but people who have decided … Continue reading

The Power of the Corporate Demo Video

As an ex-journalist, words have power. They can deliver a wide variety of messages and stories that can resonate with readers across the spectrum of emotions. Despite my enthusiasm for wordsmithing, I’m also a huge fan of the demo video … Continue reading

Some Real-Life Privacy Insight

Last week, Seth Singer and I hit the streets of Toronto to shoot a video for Sysomos. It was a simple and fun proposition: we wanted people to take a shot at saying “Sysomos” given Sysomos is frequently mispronounced. Given … Continue reading