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What Foursquare Needs to Do

Armed with more than $15-million of venture capital (after allocating $4.6-million to founders), Foursquare has the financial muscle to turn what has been an interesting service into a viable and vibrant business. Even though Foursquare has about two million users, … Continue reading

Foursquare Founders Score!

A key part of the start-up ecosystem for entrepreneurs is building a business with two goals: create something that’s viable, profitable and sizeable, or create something that someone else finds valuable enough to purchase. These goals keep entrepreneurs engaged and … Continue reading

Silicon Valley’s Obsession with Free

Let’s get the facts straight here: Foursquare doesn’t have to have a business model, it has “only” 1.5 million users in a market that appears to be a more niche than mainstream….but it still manages to raise $20-million in venture … Continue reading

The Recession: A Victory for Canadian Startups

While the economic recession has been tough on many people, it has arguably been a good thing for Canadian start-ups. What? Yup, bad times = good times for Canadian start-ups. Here’s why: One of the realities of the recession has … Continue reading

Canadian Seed Capital Sprouting Up

Since I started covering Canada’s technology sector, a common theme has been the lack of start-up capital – something that has continued to be a source of frustration for many people despite all the attention it has attracted. For all … Continue reading

Wise Words from Yossi Vardi

DemoCamp 22, which happened last night in Toronto, was really the “Yossi Vardi Show”. Vardi, a successful Israeli high-tech serial entrepreneur, regaled the crowd with insight, advice and a series of entertaining stories. His first answer during an on-stage interview … Continue reading