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The Dark Side of Social Media and Privacy

At PodCamp Toronto yesterday, one of the intriguing sessions was Brad Buset’s presentation about privacy, and how there needs to be more awareness of how much information we’re disclosing via social networks. It’s an issue that has been lost in … Continue reading

The First Real-Time Olympics

In many ways, the Olympic Games happening this month in Vancouver are the first real-time/social media Olympics. If you’ve been following Twitter during the opening ceremonies, it gives you a completely different perspective on Olympic coverage – it’s real-time, cutting, … Continue reading

Google Buzz’s Biggest Challenge: Digital Turf

I haven’t been able to try Google Buzz yet but here are some more thoughts from the outside looking in. The decision to use GMail as the platform to establish a foothold within social media is smart – probably the … Continue reading

Google Has Buzz But Little Social Media Success

I haven’t had an opportunity yet to really dig deep into Google Buzz but for all the talk about how Buzz is all about addressing the noise/signal problem within social media, one thing that Buzz does highlight is Google’s mediocre … Continue reading

Head’s Up, Twitter; Google’s Coming!

The blogosphere is abuzz about Google’s plans to integrate a “Twitter-Killer” into GMail – and there are already people such as Robert Scoble boldly suggesting it’s not going to happen. Twitter is the dominant micro-blogging service, having forced Pownce (remember … Continue reading