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An Open Letter to Biz Stone

Dear Biz, I’m sure you appreciate the intense, burning interest that people have in how Twitter is going to make money. After all, you’ve got more than 50 million users, which has caused the monetization buzz to get more increasingly … Continue reading

Foursquare Supplanting Twitter? Ha!

Maybe what happens in Austin (and the South by Southwest conference) should stay in Austin. SXSW strikes me a great place to have a good time, do some networking/socializing and take in a few panels. But it also seems like … Continue reading

The Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media

Fact: When it comes to social media, it’s not really about the tools; it’s how you use them. The more effectively and productively that Twitter, blogs, Facebook, et al are used, the more success you will have. On that note, … Continue reading

Not a User But Fascinated by Foursquare

Like any good-standing member of the digit-rati, I’m bedazzled by new and shiny services. Blogs had their day in the spotlight, but now they’re un-sexy; Facebook was cool until everyone and their parents climbed on the bandwagon; and Twitter is … Continue reading

Is This Foursquare’s Coming Out Party?

In 2008, SXSW conference in August marked the coming out party for Twitter. It was then and there that the digital elite embraced Twitter and cool concept of micro-blogging with so much enthusiasm that it started to spill out into … Continue reading

Enabling a Rush of Innovation…and Revenue

Big news from Twitter: it has officially launched its “Firehose” API in which third-parties can have 100% access to Twitter’s data. Twitter proclaims the announcement as something “Enabling a Rush of Innovation” but you could easily argue it is “Enabling … Continue reading