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Welcome Home, @markevans!

A few days, I did something really dumb. In trying to create a new Twitter account for a client, I accidentally deactivated @markevans. It was one of those moment when, like Homer Simpson, all you can do is say “Doh!” … Continue reading

@markevans, Please Come Back!

Last night, I left Twitter. It wasn’t by designed but in trying set up a new Twitter account for a client, I accidentally de-activated @markevans. Believe me, it a sad story. In the process, I have discovered that clicking on … Continue reading

A Fork in the Road for Online Privacy

There are times when I feel like an outlier compared with my digital peers. At a time when many of them are happily sharing all kinds of information about their professional and personal lives, I have been fairly cautious about … Continue reading

Are We Getting Addicted to Social Media?

Are you addicted to social media? Do you find yourself incapable of not checking Twitter at all hour of the day? Do you squirm when you’re not able to check-in with Foursquare? If so, you’re probably a social media addict. … Continue reading

Twitter Ads Won’t Work

With some time to think about Twitter’s foray into the world of advertising, I’ve come to the conclusion that, at best, it’s going to be a modest success. It may generate enough revenue to support Twitter’s operations but likely nowhere … Continue reading

Blogging’s Back, Baby!

In a world dominated by tweets and updates, blogs don’t get as much love these days. No one sees blogs as sexy or overly interesting; they’re just a solid, if unspectacular, parts of the social media and online landscape. What’s … Continue reading