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What’s Your Poison?: Facebook or Twitter

I saw a tweet by a well-known blogger and technology executive that he was spending far less time on Facebook. When I asked what was doing online instead, he quickly replied “Twitter! More engagement, realtime discussions, feedbacks. Facebook is becoming … Continue reading

I’m Tired of Twitter

Don’t get me wrong, I love Twitter as a way to share and consume information but I’m tried of the coverage lavished on Twitter as a revolutionary entity. The latest breathless article appeared in the Toronto Star earlier this week … Continue reading

The Challenge of Enjoying the Moment

Last night, I went to see Metric at the Bluesfest in Ottawa. Aside from the fact, it was a terrific show fuelled by the energetic Emily Haines, what struck me was how many people were spending as much time documenting … Continue reading

Silicon Valley’s Obsession with Free

Let’s get the facts straight here: Foursquare doesn’t have to have a business model, it has “only” 1.5 million users in a market that appears to be a more niche than mainstream….but it still manages to raise $20-million in venture … Continue reading

What Happens When Everyone’s Into Social Media?

While social media attracts a lot of attention, it is still early days. Many companies aren’t even looking at social media, while many others are cautiously exploring their options. This will probably change over the next few years as social … Continue reading

What if Social Media Isn’t a Fit?

Everyone’s jumping on the social media bandwagon. Just as a Web site quickly became a must-have for nearly every company, the same corporate rules now apply to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, Flickr, etc. Or do they? As someone immersed professional … Continue reading