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Third-Party Twitter Apps Still Thriving

In unveiling changes to its API rules last week, Twitter’s Ryan Sarver claimed that according to the company’s data “90% of active Twitters users use official Twitter apps on a monthly basis.” Twitter defines “official” as applications it owns and … Continue reading

Has Twitter Lost its Way?

On Friday just before many people escaped for March Break, Twitter unveiled new rules for API that, in many ways, could slam the door on the vibrant developer ecosystem that has been allowed to emerge in the past couple of … Continue reading

The End of the Good Times at Twitter

In many ways, Twitter has been a lot like the teenager with good intentions who throws a house party while his/her parents go away for the weekend. At first, everything is in control with the guests behaving well, the liquor … Continue reading

Why I Still Love Blogging

When I started blogging in 2004, it was cool, exciting and popular. Everyone was talking about blogs, commenting on blogs and starting blogs. The love-fest was not a surprise given how blogs gave people a new, user-friendly platform to reach … Continue reading

Twitter’s Battle for Control of its API

Update: Twitter has restored UberTwitter’s API access after a strange weekend. Twitter said UberTwitter’s owner, UberMedia, had agreed to remedy” some violations. Makes you think maybe the two sides should have talked before Twitter slammed shut the API door. There … Continue reading

Huh? Twitter Didn’t Buy TweetDeck?

One of the games Twitter-watchers like to play is creating lists of the company’s potential acquisitions now that it has gazillions of venture capital cash. The lists includes TweetDeck, TwitPic, TwitVid, Seesmic and HootSuite. TweetDeck can be crossed off the … Continue reading