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The Obsession with Social Media and Teenagers

As social media tools and services become increasingly popular – heck, my parents are asking about this Twitter thing! – one of the more interesting developments is the angst among the digiterati that teenagers aren’t enthusiastic about social media. Whether … Continue reading

Who Tweets the Most?

There’s some really great stuff within a new report on Twitter’s most active users by Sysomos (a client). Among the most striking is how many times individuals update a day. Here’s a list of the most, um, enthusiastic Twitter users. … Continue reading

Classic (And Evil) Twitter Spam

There’s been so much talk about Twitter spam recently that it’s hard to feel the spammers are trying to take control. Here’s a classic example of sneaky spam – the kind of spam that is frustrating because it doesn’t come … Continue reading

Wanted: New, Shiny Social Media Toy

Can you hear it? It’s coming but you don’t exactly know what it will be yet? In this case, “It” is the next big thing in social media that a growing number of people seem anxious to see emerge. It’s … Continue reading

The Dangers of Working 24/7

I was talking to someone recently who mentioned how many of his friends were disenchanted with work, including some who had decided to resign rather than grin and bear it. In discussing the possible explanations, one of them was the … Continue reading

What’s In Your Twitter Toolbox?

I love using Twitter but rarely go to because there’s so many useful third-party services that have emerged using Twitter’s API. Here is is what’s in my Twitter Toolbox: 1. Tweetdeck: By far, the most useful and user-friendly way … Continue reading