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The Unwashed Social Media Masses

Earlier this week, I did a panel about social media at the Canadian Solar Industries Association’s annual conference. Before the panel started, the attendees were asked about their Web presence. Most of them had Web sites but, surprisingly, very few … Continue reading

Social Media: More Walk, Less Talk

Stephen Baker has a fascinating story in BusinessWeek that looks at the growing scrutiny that social media consultants/strategists are starting to encounter as social media moves from being something shiny and new into a part of integrated marketing plans. What … Continue reading

Can You Scale Social Media?

Note: This post appeared on the Sysomos blog last week but I thought it was interesting enough to share with MET readers. I recently ran into the head of social media for a consumer-facing company, and asked about the challenges … Continue reading

Social Media: How Much Should Be Automated?

I was talking to someone recently using a service that generated Twitter updates by automating creating links to content. Rather than manually tweeting links to interesting online articles or blog posts, this service generated links on Twitter by tapping into … Continue reading

The Return of the High-Tech IPO?

It’s been a long time since the high-tech IPO was alive and well – probably going back to the original dot-com boom in the late-1990s when just about any start-up with a sexy story could convince investors to participate. Since … Continue reading

The Emergence of Twitvertising

Here’s the thing about Twitter: it has huge potential to become a lucrative advertising platform – something that Twitter has continually resisted, although its resolve may be weakening (or disappearing) based on recent comments by COO Dick Costelo. There’s a … Continue reading