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The Golden Age of Tech Blogging is Over. Not a Chance!

Apparently, the “golden age” of tech blogging is over. Yup, that’s it. Just six years after blogging caught fire, Jeremiah Owyang has declared tech blogging has arrived at a sad juncture. It has something to do with a few large … Continue reading

How to Compete With Big-Time Tech Blogs

In a word: don’t. Going head to head with major tech blogs such as Mashable, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb and GigaOm is a fools’ game. They have too many people at their beck and call, they pump out way to much content, … Continue reading

RIP, Typewriter

The summer before I started to study journalism at university, I spent hours in the basement of my parent’s house learning how to type on a manual typewriter. To graduate, you had to type so many words a minute so … Continue reading

The End of TechCrunch As We Know It

With 24 hours to think about it, the sale of TechCrunch to AOL strikes me as a head-scratcher, even though TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington says it make complete sense. Of all the potential suitors, AOL would not have been on … Continue reading

Is the High-Tech IPO Really Back?

The high-tech IPO is a mysterious beast. It’s attractive, seductive and irresistible. But it’s also fickle, temperamental and not always well-behaved. Still, investors have a difficult time resisting the high-tech IPO even when the fundamentals aren’t solid or even exist. … Continue reading

Life Before Smartphones?

As I was leaving a downtown meeting yesterday, I saw a women running a hot dog cart. That in and of itself wasn’t interesting but what caught my eye was that she was intently checking her smartphone, oblivious to the … Continue reading