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The Weekly Blogging Wrap

I write a lot of content each week in a variety of places so I figured it might be valuable to provide a wrap-up: Monday:  Globe & Mail: Knowing when it’s time to move on – A look at how … Continue reading

Why the Radian6 Sale is Good for Canada

In many ways, the sale of Radian6 was just a matter of time. As a leading player in the fast-growing social media monitoring business, Radian6 was a big target for anyone looking to quickly establish a strong foothold. So when … Continue reading

My Week in Blogging

Although Mark Evans Tech is my personal blog, it’s not the only one that I write on a regular basis. I have a Twitter-focused blog called Twitterrati and, as Sysomos’ director of communications, I write its corporate blog. And then, … Continue reading

The Ingredients for Startup Success

In my post about the success of Sysomos (which was acquired by Marketwire earlier this week), I talked about how Sysomos benefited from great timing – having the right product at the right place at the right time. This, of … Continue reading

Sysomos: Life in the Eye of the Hurricane

As many people probably know, Sysomos, which provides social media monitoring and analytics services, was acquired earlier this week by Marketwire. I’ve been actively involved with Sysomos for the past 18 months as its director of communications. To say the … Continue reading

FourWhere Opens the Location Door

One of the biggest issues with the growing number of location-based services (Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Blippy, etc.) is how difficult it can be to be a “watcher” as opposed to a “participant”. Many people, including myself, have no interest in … Continue reading