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Does Every Startup Need to be Super-Successful?

In the last issue of “This Week in Canadian Startups”, one of the items was a blog post by James Yu on how “startups should think big and act small”. It’s been a post that I’ve been thinking about because … Continue reading

Want to Capture the Spotlight? Be Successful

Over the past two years, I have worked with a lot of start-ups looking to establish themselves and attract media and blogger coverage. After all, what better way to jump-start your business than quality coverage from high-profile newspapers and bloggers. … Continue reading

Six Tricks to Happy Blogging

Last week, the Sysomos blog (which I write as part of my role as director of communications) became a member of AdAge’s Power 150, which features the leading marketing blogs. It’s great to be recognized for creating blog posts that … Continue reading

The Ingredients for Startup Success

In my post about the success of Sysomos (which was acquired by Marketwire earlier this week), I talked about how Sysomos benefited from great timing – having the right product at the right place at the right time. This, of … Continue reading

Social Media is Not About Being Wildly Successful

I gave a presentation yesterday at the Visability conference yesterday, which naturally included examples of companies that have been very successful using social media. In thinking about the companies to highlight, I tried to stay away from the usual suspects … Continue reading

The Secret of Blogging Success

What makes a blog successful? Why do some blogs thrive while others struggle to attract any kind of readership? If I knew the answers to these questions, Mark Evans Tech would be a TechCrunch or a Mashable as opposed to … Continue reading