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The 10 Steps to a Startup Marketing Strategy

For any startup or fast-growing business that wants to start telling its story, a marketing strategy provides an important roadmap, as well as clear guidelines on what needs to be done. So, what are the steps that need to be … Continue reading

Hiring Needs to be a Strategic Exercise

A couple of weeks ago, David Crow had a post in StartupNorth about the importance and challenging that startups face when it comes to hiring. The post came to mind during a conversation with a startup entrepreneur looking to aggressively … Continue reading

The $400M Question: What’s Next for Twitter?

Here’s a riddle: what do you do with 100 million active users and $400-million of freshly-raised venture capital? Answer: Pretty much anything you want, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. That’s the situation facing … Continue reading

Creating a Better, Smarter Social Media Strategy

I’ve been doing social media strategy for the past two years but a recent project gave me some new and valuable perspective on how strategic plans should happen. The biggest lesson is how tightly-integrated social media strategy needs to be … Continue reading

Social Media Needs to Embrace the Big Picture

Gary Vaynerchuk is a savvy social media practitioner and a tremendous self-marketer but he does offer pearls of wisdom about how social media is being used or how it should be used. Case in point is his assertion during an … Continue reading

Why A Great Web Site is A Key to Social Media Success

In the two years I have been doing social media strategy, one of the most interesting themes has been the importance of having a top-notch Web site. It’s not something many companies think about when they’re getting into social media. … Continue reading