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Startups Are Boring. Seriously?

Is there a place more fickle and anxious to change than Silicon Valley? Maybe it’s just part of its innovation-driven DNA, or perhaps it’s attention deficit disorder. Case in point is a recent post on Business Insider declaring that “Suddenly, … Continue reading

If I Don’t Get You, You Don’t Get Me

In a world in which many people are time-strapped, multi-tasking and mentally scattered, the “get” factor is huge for startups. By “get”, I mean how well and quickly a startup tells potential users what it does and what their product … Continue reading

Are Startup Incubators the Emperor With No Clothes?

I’ve been on the fence about the role and value of incubators: torn between whether they nurture and support startup entrepreneurs, or whether they encourage false hopes by letting wanna-be entrepreneurs play in the sandbox for three-months. So it wasn’t … Continue reading

Five Responsibilities for the Startup CEO

Just like every tribe needs a chief, every startup needs a CEO, regardless of how small the business may be. So what is the role of the startup CEO, who’s usually the founder as well? 1. The visionary: In the … Continue reading

You Had Me at “Submit” (aka the Pre-Customer Experience)

On the Web, first impressions are everything. People are too time-strapped and bogged down by multi-tasking to invest ┬átime to do anything. They scan rather than read, tweet rather than comment, and assess in seconds whether a Website or service … Continue reading

No, Toronto’s Startup Ecosystem Isn’t Broken

I’m an eternal optimist. I see the glass as half full, not half empty. I believe good things are around the corner. It’s an attitude I have about Toronto’s startup community, which is slowly starting to mature and flourish. Having … Continue reading