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Free Just Means Startups Are Afraid to Compete

(Note: For new startup-related blog posts, head to my ME Consulting Website) I don’t like free. Free makes me uneasy because nothing is really free. There’s always some kind of cost involved, even though it can be difficult to see … Continue reading

The Cost of Content Marketing for Startups

From the outside looking in, content marketing seems like an attractive opportunity for startups. On the plus side of the ledger, content marketing can establish startups as thought leaders and domain experts, it can provide potential and existing customers with … Continue reading

The 40 Leading Startup Bloggers

When I pivoted my business two years ago to focus on startup marketing, I did a couple of things to drive brand awareness: write two blogs posts a week, and publish a weekly newsletter featuring a variety of startup content. … Continue reading

Sometimes, Startups Need to Say “No”

One of the most difficult words to say is “no”. No means you don’t agree, not willing or able to cooperate or strike a deal, or simply don’t want to do something. It oozes with negativity, which is probably why … Continue reading

The Slow and Focused Startup vs. The Fast and Furious

A couple of weeks ago, I hurt my knee. Aside from putting a summer of hockey (yes, the season never really ends) and tennis in jeopardy, it forced me to move slower. Rather than running around trying to get multiple … Continue reading

Startups: Don’t Use Exclusives and Embargos

For early-stage startups, one of the most over-rated marketing exercises is the pursuit of media coverage. The goal (dream?) of getting covered by reporters and bloggers is, in theory, seen as valuable because it has the potential to do so … Continue reading