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Is Foursquare the New Friendster?

I’ve never been excited about or, for that matter, into Foursquare. The benefits of broadcasting my location to the world have never been compelling – not even the coupons that have become Foursquare’s “killer app”. This whole idea of location-based, … Continue reading

Is Quora the Next Twitter or Foursquare?

Is it just me or has Quora become the hottest thing in social media? All of a sudden, the cool kids have joined Quora, a social-fueled Q&A service that has the pedigree of being started by ex-Facebook employees. So what’s … Continue reading

Why Less (Digital) is More (Time, Focus)

In 2011, less is going to be more….and that’s a good thing. It’s a decision that comes on the heels of a happily hectic 2010 in which my business surged ahead, and a number of other projects (including the mesh … Continue reading

My 2011 Social Media Wish List

As we turn the page on 2010, it looks like 2011 will be another exciting year for social media given the flurry of new services hitting the market and the growing number of people climbing on the bandwagon. Here’s my … Continue reading

The Key to Outstanding Blog Posts: Quality

Having shifted my blogging approach this year to offer more perspective than news reporting, a post on Social Media Today entitled “5 Ways to Make Your Blog Posts Outstanding” caught my attention. The suggestions are fine but there is one … Continue reading

The Power of Paper in a Digital World

A funny thing happened to me in 2010 amid the flurry of social media, tablets, smartphones and online services: I fell in love with paper all over again. While I’m probably as enamoured with the Web, gadgets and hardware as … Continue reading