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Is a Social Media “Rapture” Possible?

While tele-evangelist Harold Camping’s apocalypse prediction (aka Rapture) failed to materialize (surprise, surprise!), it did get me thinking about the possibility of a social media “rapture” (aka SMR). It’s an idea that may come across as bizarre or tongue-in-cheek, particularly … Continue reading

Social Media Needs to Embrace the Big Picture

Gary Vaynerchuk is a savvy social media practitioner and a tremendous self-marketer but he does offer pearls of wisdom about how social media is being used or how it should be used. Case in point is his assertion during an … Continue reading

A Chat with Klout’s Joe Fernandez

Last week, unveiled its new look and feel that should enhance it status at the leading way to get a handle on online influencers – influence, of course, being a subjective phrase. Aside from some more bells and whistles, … Continue reading

Why A Great Web Site is A Key to Social Media Success

In the two years I have been doing social media strategy, one of the most interesting themes has been the importance of having a top-notch Web site. It’s not something many companies think about when they’re getting into social media. … Continue reading

Can Small Businesses Do Social Media?

For all the talk about social media levelling the playing field for small businesses, here’s a question that doesn’t get much attention: Can small businesses effectively embrace social media? If so, how? This struck me during a recent visit to … Continue reading

Can Social Media Jump-Start Democracy?

With Canada heading into the last leg of a federal election that hasn’t excited many people, there’s a growing focus on whether social media is playing a major role. There’s definitely lots of chatter and the major political parties have … Continue reading