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Lessons Learned from a Hacked Blog

For six years, I wrote a blog about Nortel Networks called All About Nortel. What started as an experiment to see if I could write a blog about a single company turned into a fascinating adventure as Nortel skewered itself … Continue reading

Facebook Should Give Up on Privacy

After watching Facebook make so many missteps when it comes to privacy over the past couple of years, including how some leading game developers passed along user data to marketers, I’ve come to the conclusion it should just throw in … Continue reading

A Wake-Up Call About Data and Privacy

In toiling away on the content for mesh ’10 over the past several months, the focus has been on coming up on great keynotes, panels and workshops, as well as attracting people to turn our ideas into reality. It wasn’t … Continue reading

WordPress Takes It On the Chin

Over the weekend, Robert Scoble had a public (and well warranted) temper tantrum after his WordPress blog was hacked. Not surprisingly, the experience left him upset and digitally vulnerable. But what really disappointed Scoble was WordPress’ casual and, arguably, cavalier, … Continue reading