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The Marriage of Social Media and SEO

When Magazines Canada asked me to do a presentation on social media and SEO, my immediate reaction was “Well, that’s interesting and different” because it wasn’t a topic I had explored much. In doing research for the presentation, which happened … Continue reading

The Value of Organic SEO

Search is a funny game; whenever you’ve figured out all the rules, they change them on you….or, at least, Google likes to change the rules just to keep everything interesting. The latest switch-a-roo happened this week when Google unveiled a … Continue reading

Much Ado About the Real-Time Web?

I’m doing a presentation this week in Burlington looking at the most interesting technology trends for 2010, and one of the no-brainer items is the real-time Web. The problem, however, is the more time I spend looking at the real-time … Continue reading

Could a Google Backlash Materialize?

The Globe & Mail’s business section had an interesting feature story yesterday about how Google taking “aim at everything” – a thesis driven home recently with the launch of the Nexus mobile phone. With Google seemingly everywhere and anywhere, it … Continue reading

Technorati Redux?

For the past few years, Technorati has been easy fodder for critics. Once the shining star of the blog search world and a venture capital darling, Technorati stumbled into near oblivion after the service deteriorated to the point where it … Continue reading