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Can the iPad Revive Paid Content?

I’m not sure the free content genie can ever be completely put back in the bottle but the iPad is certainly providing newspaper and magazine publishers with a lot of encouragement that consumers could start coughing up for some content … Continue reading

Rupert Murdoch: The Digital Don Quixote?

It has been documented to death that the business of journalism is broken but no one has come up with a widely-embraced killer idea to save it. The exception, however, is News Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch who has been leading the … Continue reading

Pay-Per-Play Newspapers Coming Soon

Maybe I’m alone in the woods but it seems like it’s only a matter of time before newspapers – at least world-class newspapers – start charging for more of their content. Case in point is the Financial Times, which plans … Continue reading

Can Apple Save Newspapers?

(Update: The Guardian has a story that the Financial Times will introduce a pay-per-view model next summer, while looking at whether any should be free.) With Apple apparently scrambling to introduce a tablet computer by early next year, a … Continue reading