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What Startups Should Not Do When Approaching Bloggers & Reporters

When you’re a start-up, there’s a hunger to capture the spotlight. When a start-up is scrambling for users, the chance to be get some coverage from bloggers or reporters seems like nirvana. To paraphrase “If we build it, they will … Continue reading

Seven Keys to Capturing the Attention of Bloggers/Media

One of the most frustrating things for start-ups is how difficult it can be to capture the attention of bloggers and the media. They have created compelling new services and products, they have interesting stories to tell, and would love … Continue reading

What Ever Happened to the Social Media Press Release?

A couple of years ago, the social media press release was all the rage. No longer would companies send tree-killing press kits to reporter, or issue boring press releases with canned quotes from senior executives that no one ever used. … Continue reading