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Startup CEO = PR Pro

At a recent event, I was talking with a startup CEO about the success of some mobile apps he had developed. “So, what’s the secret?,” I asked. “Great coverage from blogs and the media,” he said. “How do get them … Continue reading

How to Make Startup PR Work

Last week, I talked about when startups should leverage public relations to reach out to reporters and bloggers (The answer: when they’re ready). Today, let’s look at what a startup needs to do to drive PR outreach. 1. Develop a … Continue reading

When Should Startups Pull the Trigger on PR?

Is there a right time for a startup to embrace public relations? Does outreach to reporter and bloggers hinge on an event such as a product launch, financing, key hire, partnership or milestone? In theory, it makes sense to wrap … Continue reading

Startup Founders/CEOs: Do Your Own Outreach

One of the first things I tell potential startup clients is I don’t do public relations. I can help them create stories to pitch, but when it comes to blogger and media outreach, it’s not my cup of tea. A … Continue reading

Eight Ways Not to Pitch a Blogger

It’s challenging these days to capture the attention of reporters and bloggers. Everyone is so busy, overwhelmed by the amount of content flowing their way, and inundated with pitches. So when I opened an e-mail this morning that started with … Continue reading

Seven Keys to Capturing the Attention of Bloggers/Media

One of the most frustrating things for start-ups is how difficult it can be to capture the attention of bloggers and the media. They have created compelling new services and products, they have interesting stories to tell, and would love … Continue reading