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Quick Thoughts on Microsoft-Skype

There’s been a flurry of coverage on Microsoft’s $8.5-billion purchase of Skype so here are some quick thoughts: 1. Microsoft, whatever you do, don’t screw up Skype. Big companies have a reputation for turning chicken into chicken salad so please … Continue reading

Is the Desktop Really Dying?

Everything is going into the cloud. Or is it? If you listen to Google, the Web browser is becoming everything when it comes to how people use their computers. With the Chrome OS hitting the market soon, Google is ramping … Continue reading

Could a Google Backlash Materialize?

The Globe & Mail’s business section had an interesting feature story yesterday about how Google taking “aim at everything” – a thesis driven home recently with the launch of the Nexus mobile phone. With Google seemingly everywhere and anywhere, it … Continue reading

Is Twitter’s Data a Goldmine?

The blogosphere was abuzz yesterday when it was disclosedt that Twitter is having discussions with Google and Microsoft about giving them access to the firehose of data generated by Twitter users, including links. There were enthusiastic discussions about whether these … Continue reading

Toronto Company Kills Word Sales

From the hard-to-believe file, a Texas judge has ruled that Microsoft can’t sell its popular Word product in the U.S. because Microsoft is allegedly violating a patent involving XML owned by Toronto-based i4i Inc. (For the news story, check out … Continue reading

Surprise, Surprise (Not): A Google OS

Last night, I was thinking about some of the products I’d like to see Google develop (e.g. a blog publishing tool and iPhone apps for Google Reader and GMail). In mentally considering other possibilities, one thing that I didn’t thing … Continue reading