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Startups: Don’t Use Exclusives and Embargos

For early-stage startups, one of the most over-rated marketing exercises is the pursuit of media coverage. The goal (dream?) of getting covered by reporters and bloggers is, in theory, seen as valuable because it has the potential to do so … Continue reading

Do Startups Really Need Media Coverage?

If there’s one thing startup entrepreneurs crave, it’s media and blog coverage. Attracting the media spotlight can arguably be as important to them as getting customers. How come? In many respects, media coverage somehow validates what an entrepreneur is doing, … Continue reading

Five Tips for Startups to Attract Media/Blog Coverage

For many startups, getting the attention of bloggers and the media is seen as a valuable way to build their brands and attract users. But it’s surprising to see many startups drop the ball because they don’t know how to … Continue reading

How do Startups Capture the Spotlight?

In working with many startups, one of their key objectives is capturing the attention of customers, bloggers and reporters, partners and investors. The problem is many of them have little idea about how to do it other than writing a … Continue reading

Want to Capture the Spotlight? Be Successful

Over the past two years, I have worked with a lot of start-ups looking to establish themselves and attract media and blogger coverage. After all, what better way to jump-start your business than quality coverage from high-profile newspapers and bloggers. … Continue reading

BCE’s Puzzling Stab at Convergence

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about BCE’s decision to acquire of all CTV – a decision apparently inspired when BCE CEO George Cope watched Canada’s women’s hockey team win Olympic gold on … Continue reading