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How do Startups Avoid the Fickle Factor?

There was an article in the New York Times yesterday about how Blekko is hoping to establish a foothold in the ultra-competitive search engine market by taking a different approach that involves technology and people. To be honest, I hadn’t … Continue reading

How Much Social Media Should Be Monitored?

For good reasons, social media monitoring and measurement is all the rage as companies look to get information and intelligence about all the conversations taking place. To offer comprehensive coverage, companies such as Sysomos (a client) monitoring blogs, Twitter, Facebook, … Continue reading

Google Buzz: Why, Why, Why?

Google Buzz’s launch earlier this week has attracted as much attention about the “why” as the “what”. Among the leading “why” questions: 1. Why did Google launch Buzz? Is it merely to establish a better foothold in the social media … Continue reading

Google Here, Google Everywhere

I started using Google Chrome recently. Although it’s an extension-free version, it’s very good – fast and with a cool search feature that also doubles as the place where URL addresses appear. It’s yet another Google tool with my digital … Continue reading

Google Buzz’s Biggest Challenge: Digital Turf

I haven’t been able to try Google Buzz yet but here are some more thoughts from the outside looking in. The decision to use GMail as the platform to establish a foothold within social media is smart – probably the … Continue reading

Google Has Buzz But Little Social Media Success

I haven’t had an opportunity yet to really dig deep into Google Buzz but for all the talk about how Buzz is all about addressing the noise/signal problem within social media, one thing that Buzz does highlight is Google’s mediocre … Continue reading