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Free Just Means Startups Are Afraid to Compete

(Note: For new startup-related blog posts, head to my ME Consulting Website) I don’t like free. Free makes me uneasy because nothing is really free. There’s always some kind of cost involved, even though it can be difficult to see … Continue reading

Seriously, Startups Shouldn’t Give it Away for Free

Summary: It makes little sense for startups to give away their products for free. If a product has value, people should for pay for it. I was talking with a client recently about whether they should introduce a free version … Continue reading

Marketing the Move to Paid from Free

If there’s a major theme that will emerge in 2013, it will be the need for startups to focus on generating revenue as opposed to just having a lot of users. It’s Business 101 but we live in a world … Continue reading

Why Startups Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Sell

I like startups that sell a product. It means they’re operating a business that hinges on getting consumers to spend money as opposed to offering a product that enough people will like that it magically delivers a way to generate … Continue reading

Is Freemium Losing its Mojo?

In theory, the freemium business model sounds compelling. You give users a healthy taste of a service, and then sell them a premium version once they’re hooked. It’s sort of like the free samples you get at the grocery store. … Continue reading

If Users Want to Pay, Let Them

While on vacation in Quebec this week, we stopped a campsite at a national park had featured wonderful showers.(Note: When you’re camping, any shower is wonderful!). So it was with some excitement I headed towards them with a vision of … Continue reading