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Foursquare Supplanting Twitter? Ha!

Maybe what happens in Austin (and the South by Southwest conference) should stay in Austin. SXSW strikes me a great place to have a good time, do some networking/socializing and take in a few panels. But it also seems like … Continue reading

Not a User But Fascinated by Foursquare

Like any good-standing member of the digit-rati, I’m bedazzled by new and shiny services. Blogs had their day in the spotlight, but now they’re un-sexy; Facebook was cool until everyone and their parents climbed on the bandwagon; and Twitter is … Continue reading

Foursquare + Google Maps = FourWhere

I’m not a Foursquare user (at least for now) but I do find the popular location-based service intriguing as it continues to evolve beyond simply being a tool to broadcast your location. In particular, Foursquare strikes me as becoming a … Continue reading

Is This Foursquare’s Coming Out Party?

In 2008, SXSW conference in August marked the coming out party for Twitter. It was then and there that the digital elite embraced Twitter and cool concept of micro-blogging with so much enthusiasm that it started to spill out into … Continue reading

The Dark Side of Social Media and Privacy

At PodCamp Toronto yesterday, one of the intriguing sessions was Brad Buset’s presentation about privacy, and how there needs to be more awareness of how much information we’re disclosing via social networks. It’s an issue that has been lost in … Continue reading

How Much Social Media Should Be Monitored?

For good reasons, social media monitoring and measurement is all the rage as companies look to get information and intelligence about all the conversations taking place. To offer comprehensive coverage, companies such as Sysomos (a client) monitoring blogs, Twitter, Facebook, … Continue reading