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What Happens When Everyone’s Into Social Media?

While social media attracts a lot of attention, it is still early days. Many companies aren’t even looking at social media, while many others are cautiously exploring their options. This will probably change over the next few years as social … Continue reading

The World Ignores “Quit Facebook Day”

Did you know that May 31 was “Quit Facebook Day”? If you happened to miss it, you’re far from alone as QFD came and went quickly with only 36,000 people actually quitting Facebook. The fact QFD flopped is not a … Continue reading

What if Social Media Isn’t a Fit?

Everyone’s jumping on the social media bandwagon. Just as a Web site quickly became a must-have for nearly every company, the same corporate rules now apply to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, Flickr, etc. Or do they? As someone immersed professional … Continue reading

Does Facebook Need a Leadership Change?

It should not come as any surprise that Facebook has made some changes to how its privacy policies given the backlash to its everything-is-now-public announcement at the F8 conference. In response, Facebook has introduced "simpler and more powerful controls for … Continue reading

Facebook’s Zuckerberg: “Sorry, My Bad”

Like anyone should be surprised but Facebook is sorry – really, really sorry – that it caused such a fuss by changing its privacy policies so dramatically recently. But after “listening to recent concerns”, Facebook is “responding” with plans to … Continue reading

Facebook May Be Evil But….

Since introducing the privacy-killing Graph API recently, Facebook has been under the gun. In addition to the concerns about its disdain for privacy, there’s also been growing chatter about people leaving the social networking service, as well as suggestions that … Continue reading