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Is Facebook the New AOL?

Does anyone remember AOL? I’m not talking about the AOL that is scrambling to stay competitive but the AOL of a decade ago that was, in many respects, the Web for millions of people. AOL created a user-friendly online ecosystem … Continue reading

The Party is Over; the Digital Pendulum is Swinging Back

The New York Times has an interesting article today looking at the launch of Path, a new social network founded by ex-Facebook employee Dave Morin, who describes it as a “personal network”. The twist is Path lets you have a … Continue reading

Facebook Should Give Up on Privacy

After watching Facebook make so many missteps when it comes to privacy over the past couple of years, including how some leading game developers passed along user data to marketers, I’ve come to the conclusion it should just throw in … Continue reading

Could Facebook Become MySpace One Day?

If there’s anything constant on the Web, it’s change. New technologies emerge, new services are developed, people use the Web in different ways, and companies come and go, even those with strong brands and lots of users. Who could have … Continue reading

More Control from Facebook. Really!

So, Facebook has some introduced some new tools so you can have better control over how and with whom you share information, as well as a bunch of other goodies. There’s plenty of other places dissecting the nitty-gritty of Facebook’s … Continue reading

Is Social Media Still a Novelty?

As someone who makes part of my living offering social media strategic and tactical services, the market’s growth is definitely a good thing. There’s nothing better than to be fishing where lots of fish are swimming. But sometimes I wonder … Continue reading