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Can You Escape or Avoid Facebook?

Last week, I got an e-mail from an old university friend who asked if he could include some photos on a new Facebook Page he was creating. My immediate reaction was “no” because I think there are parts of your … Continue reading

LinkedIn and the Downside of an IPO

The world is abuzz, aflutter and agog about LinkedIn’s IPO, which saw the price of its shares more than double to $94 from the offering price of $42. LinkedIn is now worth a staggering $8.9-billion, or 40X revenue. To some … Continue reading

Is Twitter Really “Mainstream”?

According to Mitch Joel, “Twitter is mainstream”. With more than 200 million users, there is no doubt Twitter is popular but is it really mainstream? For that matter is Facebook “mainstream” with 660 million users. What about LinkedIn, which has … Continue reading

Facebook: A Deal with the Data Devil

Unlike Julian Assange, I don’t believe Facebook is “the most appalling spy machine that has ever been invited” but I do agree with Niall Harbis Facebok has aggressive ambitions to dominate the Web. Steadily, Facebook is appearing everywhere all in … Continue reading

Could Twitter Get “MySpaced”?

As difficult as it might be to believe, it was not that long ago that MySpace dominated the social networking market, and made Facebook look like a pipsqueak. MySpace ruled the roost in such a major way that Rupert Murdoch … Continue reading

Facebook Pages Do Not Replace Web Sites

I was approached earlier this week by reporter looking at the growing number of companies embracing Facebook Pages. As we went back and forth Q&A via e-mail, I couldn’t help but get the impression the angle he was trying to … Continue reading