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Canadian Entrepreneurs Must Be Bold, Brash

Canadians are, by and large, nice and polite. Unfortunately, this approach is also part of the business and entrepreneurial landscape. While we may be confident, we’re not bold, cocky or aggressive. South of the border, entrepreneurs are a different breed. … Continue reading

Does Every Startup Need to be Super-Successful?

In the last issue of “This Week in Canadian Startups”, one of the items was a blog post by James Yu on how “startups should think big and act small”. It’s been a post that I’ve been thinking about because … Continue reading

It Takes Courage for a Startup Entrepreneur to Exit Stage Left

I met an entrepreneur recently who had just left a company he had co-founded after it had raised a large financial round from a high-profile group of corporate investors. With the company well on its way to becoming a leading … Continue reading

Want to Do a Startup? Trust You Gut

At a mesh conference roundtable recently, one of the attendees asked the entrepreneurs how to know whether a startup idea was worth pursuing. The answer that resonated with me was “trust you gut”. If something deep down tells you the … Continue reading

mesh’s Renewed Love Affair With Startups

When mesh was conceived on a cold February night in 2006, Toronto’s Web community was fairly nascent and there were only a modest number of startup entrepreneurs trying to figure out how to get a foothold in the fast-growing marketplace. … Continue reading

Raising VC: The Why, Who, What, When, Where and How

For many startups, a lot of time is spent thinking about raising financing, be it from friends, family, angels or VCs. While capital provides the ammunition to grow, it can also be distracting and time-consuming for entrepreneurs, who also need … Continue reading