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Design and UX: A One-Two Punch for Startups

In my last post, I looked at the importance of product to a startup’s success. A good product give it a shot at building a business. A bad product is, well, just bad. For startups with a product that addresses … Continue reading

UX (and Messaging) are the New Black for Startups

I am, by no means, a UX person but it’s an area that fascinates me because how well that someone interacts with a Website or application is a break/make proposition. Part of UX’s appeal is how it’s closely aligned with … Continue reading

Five Ingredients to Create Kick-Ass Websites

In working with a client recently to re-launch their Web site, I have been reminded about the challenges in making sure the right things happen to make the final product as good and effective as possible. There are many variables … Continue reading

Why Signup Processes Must be Dead Simple

For startups, it’s challenging to capture the spotlight. There’s so much competition, lots of noise and a marketplace chock-a-block with consumers who are fickle, time-strapped and not really paying attention. It means if a startup is successful in actually getting … Continue reading

What’s More Important to Startups: Design or Utility?

Over the past few weeks, there has been an interesting debate raging about design versus utility for startups looking to capture the spotlight. The key issues are whether the look and feel of a service is more important than how … Continue reading

Six Ways to Make Your Web Site Rock

After Seth Godin did a post recently about how to analyze a Web site, it got me thinking about some of the mistakes companies make with how their Web sites are structured and designed. Far too often, Web sites fail … Continue reading