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Why Startups Need Great Content

For startups, attracting the spotlight can be a major challenge. Without large marketing budgets and an army of people to spread the word, it can be a struggle to get anyone to pay attention to a startup, even if it … Continue reading

Why Zite Has Rocked My Content World

First a confession: I was late to the tablet game. With several laptops at home and a job that requires a lot of mobile working, there just wasn’t much of a use case for a tablet.¬†Time passed, a friend of … Continue reading

The Weekly Blogging Wrap

I write a lot of content each week in a variety of places so I figured it might be valuable to provide a wrap-up: Monday:¬† Globe & Mail: Knowing when it’s time to move on – A look at how … Continue reading

The Marriage of Social Media and SEO

When Magazines Canada asked me to do a presentation on social media and SEO, my immediate reaction was “Well, that’s interesting and different” because it wasn’t a topic I had explored much. In doing research for the presentation, which happened … Continue reading

Who Controls the Pipes, Wins

Given some of the recent transactions, convergence has come roaring back after being considered dead in the wake of some disastrous deals earlier this decade. Can anyone say AOL/Time-Warner? Despite the renewed belief that content and connectivity are a magical … Continue reading

Social Media: The Emperor with No Clothes?

I’m conflicted about social media. On one hand, I enthusiastically believe it has the potential to be a powerful and effective way to reach people and consumers in new and different ways. On the other hand, I have my reservations … Continue reading