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The Cost of Content Marketing for Startups

From the outside looking in, content marketing seems like an attractive opportunity for startups. On the plus side of the ledger, content marketing can establish startups as thought leaders and domain experts, it can provide potential and existing customers with … Continue reading

Startups and the Art of Storytelling

As brand journalism and content marketing become more engrained into the way that companies do business, storytelling is clearly becoming more important. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case. First, good stories are interesting, attractive and … Continue reading

Snapshot of a VC Deal: Atomic Reach

Who: Atomic Reach, which has a platform that provides brands with ways to build vibrant content communities that feature high-quality bloggers. How much: $1.25-million in seed capital from Genwealth Venture Partners and the Investment Accelerator Fund. The Quote: “As brands continue … Continue reading

Long Live the Newsletter!

When  you think about the e-newsletter, it seems like an old-school marketing tool. With inboxes overflowing, who would be willing to sign up for a newsletter and, as important, who has time to read them? Well, it turns out newsletters … Continue reading