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No Startup Has No Competition

You know the feeling when someone scratches a chalkboard? I get the same thing when a startup entrepreneur declares their company has no competitors or no direct rivals. This is usually accompanied with a nice looking graph with lots of … Continue reading

Don’t Worry About Startup Competitors

I’m working with a startup, and every once in a while an email pops up from someone who has stumbled upon a new rival. The tone of the email is a combination of alarm and surprise: how could there be … Continue reading

Why Startups Shouldn’t be Afraid of Competition

When I jumped into the startup world in 2000 with Blanketware, we truly believed we had an idea no one else had discovered. So, it was a shock when we stumbled on other startups also focused on the giving users … Continue reading

Less Wireless Competition in Canada?

Now that a federal court has ruled that Wind Mobile’s ownership structure doesn’t comply with Canada’s foreign ownership rules, one of the options being openly discussed by analysts and Wind is the possible consolidation of the wireless market. This could … Continue reading

Do Consumers Want Canada’s New Wireless Players?

In theory, more competition in Canada’s wireless market is a good thing because it will encourage the industry to become more innovative and, hopefully, it will drive down prices, which rank as the highest in the world. The question, however, … Continue reading