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Startups and the Value of Vibrant Communities

What makes a start-up successful? Why do some start-ups thrive while others failure? Why do some products resonate with users, while similar products fail to get any traction? There are a multitude of reasons such as features, design, usability, utility, … Continue reading

Does Toronto’s Tech Community Need a Hub?

On Inc. recently, there was a long and bubbly feature on the emergence of Detroit’s high-tech sector. While Motor City’s high-tech community still has a long way to go, one of the more interesting angles to the story was how … Continue reading

Should We Drink the Local Kool-Aid?

In the post I wrote earlier this week about the demise of Thoora, there was a comment suggesting that “Toronto failed Thoora” due to a lack of community support to make it a “winning formula”. It was a puzzling comment … Continue reading