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Can Facebook Save the Comment?

You remember the blog comment? Back in the day, it was the thing to do on social media. What a novelty to opine, correct, rant or inform about a published article in real-time to a global audience. Then along came … Continue reading

A Commentary About Blog Comment Systems

A few of you might have noticed that I recently switched blog comment systems – moving to Echo from IntenseDebate. The switch was mostly prompted by my frustration with IntenseDebate’s administrative features, particularly the inability to deal with spam on … Continue reading

Is Social Media Making Journalists Lazy?

When I was a newspaper reporter, a key part of the job was finding and interviewing sources who could offer information, perspective, insight and, of course, some good quotes. It required legwork and the ability to build relationships and trust … Continue reading

The Death of the Blog Comment?

For all the talk about social media being about “conversations”, it has become more apparent that the blog comment landscape is becoming a lot less vibrant and interesting. At one time, comments on blogs were pretty standard – you read … Continue reading

Where Are the Comment Search Engines?

There seems to be no lack of entrepreneurs willing to take a crack at developing a new search engine – even if it means going to head to head with Google. Whether it’s Wolfram Alpha, Bing, Cuil or Blekko, there … Continue reading

Spam Getting More Sophisticated

Say what you want about spammers but they definitely creative. Take, for example, what they’re doing with comments on blogs. At first blush, the comments look legit. But if you look at the e-mail and Web site address, you realize … Continue reading