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The End of Anonymous Social Media?

Since blogging entered into the mainstream a few years ago, it has pretty much been an anything-goes landscape with bloggers feeling like they have the freedom to say anything about anyone. And while journalists had to worry about libel laws, … Continue reading

Where Are the Comment Search Engines?

There seems to be no lack of entrepreneurs willing to take a crack at developing a new search engine – even if it means going to head to head with Google. Whether it’s Wolfram Alpha, Bing, Cuil or Blekko, there … Continue reading

New Look for MET

For a long time, I’ve been thinking about creating a “personal portal” that would tie together all of my digital activity – blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, LinkedIn, as well as my business, ME Consulting. There never seemed to be enough … Continue reading

Spam Getting More Sophisticated

Say what you want about spammers but they definitely creative. Take, for example, what they’re doing with comments on blogs. At first blush, the comments look legit. But if you look at the e-mail and Web site address, you realize … Continue reading

11 Reasons Why Blogs Still Matter

Steve Rubel’s decision to pull back from blogging to focus on “lifestreaming”, Friendfeed and Twitter has captured a lot of attention given Rubel was one of the early enthusiasts about blogging – a move that helped thrust him into the … Continue reading