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The Sad State of Social Media in Canada

When I was thinking about launching my new consulting business, I thought about and then rejected the idea of positioning myself as a social media consultant or a social media strategist. A big part of the decision was based on … Continue reading

Technorati Redux?

For the past few years, Technorati has been easy fodder for critics. Once the shining star of the blog search world and a venture capital darling, Technorati stumbled into near oblivion after the service deteriorated to the point where it … Continue reading

It’s a No Filter Digital Culture

Having been actively engaged with social media for the past five years, one of the more fascinating phenomena is how it has become an anything goes medium. No matter what’s on your mind, you can say it, and many people … Continue reading

Yeah, Blogging is Hard

Gawker had a small item yesterday on how “blog millionaire” and founder Laurel Touby conceded via a Twitter update that “blogging is harder than I thought”. For anyone who writes a blog on a regular basis or attempts to … Continue reading

The Challenges of a New Blog

Last night, I was talking to someone about social media – surprise, surprise – when they mentioned that they had probably missed the boat on blogging. This is a person with lots of enthusiasm, energy and ideas; someone who’s active … Continue reading

WordPress Takes It On the Chin

Over the weekend, Robert Scoble had a public (and well warranted) temper tantrum after his WordPress blog was hacked. Not surprisingly, the experience left him upset and digitally vulnerable. But what really disappointed Scoble was WordPress’ casual and, arguably, cavalier, … Continue reading