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Why Tumblr is Poised to be Huge

Tumblr just raised $20-million, which shouldn’t come as a major surprise given the large amounts of venture capital being thrown around these days. It’s solidifies the belief a service with millions of users doesn’t necessarily need to have a business … Continue reading

Reviewing My Social Media Portfolio

Inspired by this GigaOm post and the year-end ritual of looking back, I decided to look at the social networks within my portfolio to see how they’re being used. Part of the exercise is driven by seeing how many different … Continue reading

Six Tricks to Happy Blogging

Last week, the Sysomos blog (which I write as part of my role as director of communications) became a member of AdAge’s Power 150, which features the leading marketing blogs. It’s great to be recognized for creating blog posts that … Continue reading

How Much is Your Blog Worth?

How much is your blog worth? I’m not talking about the value of the site but, more important, the value of all the content you’ve diligently written for the past months or years? For many people, it’s like the MasterCard … Continue reading

The Secret of Blogging Success

What makes a blog successful? Why do some blogs thrive while others struggle to attract any kind of readership? If I knew the answers to these questions, Mark Evans Tech would be a TechCrunch or a Mashable as opposed to … Continue reading

Blogging’s Back, Baby!

In a world dominated by tweets and updates, blogs don’t get as much love these days. No one sees blogs as sexy or overly interesting; they’re just a solid, if unspectacular, parts of the social media and online landscape. What’s … Continue reading