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The 40 Leading Startup Bloggers

When I pivoted my business two years ago to focus on startup marketing, I did a couple of things to drive brand awareness: write two blogs posts a week, and publish a weekly newsletter featuring a variety of startup content. … Continue reading

Do Startups Really Need Media Coverage?

If there’s one thing startup entrepreneurs crave, it’s media and blog coverage. Attracting the media spotlight can arguably be as important to them as getting customers. How come? In many respects, media coverage somehow validates what an entrepreneur is doing, … Continue reading

Five Tips for Startups to Attract Media/Blog Coverage

For many startups, getting the attention of bloggers and the media is seen as a valuable way to build their brands and attract users. But it’s surprising to see many startups drop the ball because they don’t know how to … Continue reading

How do Startups Capture the Spotlight?

In working with many startups, one of their key objectives is capturing the attention of customers, bloggers and reporters, partners and investors. The problem is many of them have little idea about how to do it other than writing a … Continue reading

Bloggers: A Key Part of Startup/VC Ecosystem

As a long-time blogger and someone who does a lot of consulting work with startups, David Crow’s post “Where the Canadian VC Bloggers?” obviously struck a chord for a variety of reasons. In thinking about David’s post, one thing that … Continue reading

What Startups Should Not Do When Approaching Bloggers & Reporters

When you’re a start-up, there’s a hunger to capture the spotlight. When a start-up is scrambling for users, the chance to be get some coverage from bloggers or reporters seems like nirvana. To paraphrase “If we build it, they will … Continue reading