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Sorry, but Blippy is a Stupid Idea

Confession: I’m a social media junkie – an enthusiastic blogger, active Twitter user, reluctant member of the ever-growing Facebook empire, and YouTube watcher. I like to share my thoughts and interesting content and online services. The chances, however, of me … Continue reading

Hello, Social Media Addiction; Goodbye, Privacy

If Foursquare wasn’t enough to meet the need for a new and shiny social media play-thing, there’s also lot of excitement in Blippy, which lets users publicly share their purchases – e.g Joe Smith just spent $18.85 at La Senza. … Continue reading

What’s the Twitter of 2010?

So now that Twitter is on the verge of becoming “So last year!”, what’s the new shiny, social media bauble for 2010? Is it Foursquare, which is pushing the “Here’s where I’m located” phenomena with a service/game that encourages people … Continue reading