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Can Jack Dorsey Save Twitter?

After being “exiled”, Jack Dorsey has officially returned to Twitter to head up product development – a move being widely hailed. The question is whether Dorsey can save Twitter, which appears to have lost its way despite having close to … Continue reading

Has Twitter Lost its Way?

On Friday just before many people escaped for March Break, Twitter unveiled new rules for API that, in many ways, could slam the door on the vibrant developer ecosystem that has been allowed to emerge in the past couple of … Continue reading

The End of the Good Times at Twitter

In many ways, Twitter has been a lot like the teenager with good intentions who throws a house party while his/her parents go away for the weekend. At first, everything is in control with the guests behaving well, the liquor … Continue reading

Twitter’s Battle for Control of its API

Update: Twitter has restored UberTwitter’s API access after a strange weekend. Twitter said UberTwitter’s owner, UberMedia, had agreed to remedy” some violations. Makes you think maybe the two sides should have talked before Twitter slammed shut the API door. There … Continue reading

Facebook: Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

Joshua Errett had a good column in Now Magazine about Facebook’s latest strategic salvos for Web domination. A comment that resonated was the reality that even if you oppose Facebook’s everything-is-public approach, it is difficult, if not impossible, to avoid … Continue reading

Has Facebook Just Repackaged Beacon? Does Anyone Care?

Apologies for beating a dead horse but it has been more than a week since Facebook launched several major changes in which it operates, highlighted by a huge move in making more data public, and how third-party Web sites are … Continue reading